Distinct Interconnected Goods & Opportunities

At Digo, we work with small cooperatives from around the world paired with our own unique designs to create modern products for you and your home. Our emphasis is on quality and originality as well as sustainable, ethical production. All of our goods are one of a kind, handmade by the world's best artisans in their fields. Each unique piece tells a story of the traditions, culture, and expertise of the people and place from which it originates. From the master embroiders of Morocco to the expert loom weavers of Guatemala, we've traveled the globe to form relationships with these gifted artists and craftspeople with the goal of not only finding the best of the best, but also of creating and sustaining meaningful and mutual exchanges between the creator and the consumer. At Digo, shopping is not about sprawling factories, underpaid laborers, retail mark-ups, and consumer guilt, but about a productive global exchange. We bring beautiful clothing and home goods directly from the hands of the maker to your doorstep and your payment directly back into their hands. The best part? You don't even need a passport.