Ribate El Kheir | Morocco

33°49'25.673"N, 4°24'47.033"W

The Cooperative, Taeawniya Adwal, was formed in 2006 to preserve the traditional weaving designs of the Eastern Middle Atlas Region (Beni Ourain) and to provide needed income to the women of Ribat El Kheir. Aditionally, the cooperative provides training to weaving apprentices. The cooperative specializes in wool and utilizes traditional techniques to create natural, timeless, handmade items.  The vertical loom is the traditional loom style. It could be set up in the home for women to weave between other household chores. The vertical loom allows for the inclusion of intricate designs painstakingly woven in, row by row, throughout the piece. Weaving techniques have been passed down through generations and each rug is a unique combination of each woman's tribal identity and artistry.


Celebrating and preserving Amazigh traditions and culture