Is everything really made my hand?

Yes! We seek out products that are made using age old traditions found nowhere else. 


Are you Fair Trade certified?

Not yet. We are a small start up company without certification, yet. As we grow, we will continue to pay our producers ethical prices for their goods. We do not use child labor and do not buy from sweat shops. 


Where can I buy your products?

Currently, We wholesale to small shops in and around the minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. Our online store will have a small selection of the items we are currently carrying. Please check out our events page to find a location near you that carries our products.


An item I loved is no longer available, can I special order it?

Since we buy directly from producers, we only have access to what they decide to produce. Unfortunately, if an item is gone we do not have the ability at this point to special order it. So, if you see something you love, you should jump on it!


Other questions? Just ask!