Mohssine Hou

Cultural Liason | Morocco

33°52'22.859"N, 5°32'26.637"W


Mouhssine is from the small rural farming village of Ait Khoujmane, Morocco. After attending high school, English and communication become his passion. He first had the opportunity to practice his language skills with Peace Corp volunteers stationed in his home village while volunteering on local projects. In 2011 he attended the “Our Voices, Our Communities: Emerging Role of Arab Youth in Development” conference organized by USAID to discuss challenges and opportunities in economic growth, environment, education, and youth participation. It was here he became increasingly interested in development in his home country. Mouhssine currently studies at the University of Meknes focusing on language and communication when he is not busy visiting cooperatives and eating mounds of couscous with our partners.