Megan Lueneburg

Creative Director

42°8'7.468"N, 24°44'43.045"E


Megan has a knack for creative design and minimalism. She has experience working in architecture and interior design where she grew her skill set in drafting and construction.  Megan, an architect by profession, first realized her passion for community development during 2009 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria. Living in a small village at the base of the mountains and working as a community development volunteer, she learned the language, the local dances and soaked in the hospitality of the people filling her with their homemade wines, plum brandy and goat cheeses. After a few years working in design, development and creation in the architecture and interior design field, she returned to Bulgaria on a Fulbright Scholarship researching anthropology and architecture. In addition to designing and creating opportunities with our partners, she is active in helping protect cultural heritage and encourages other's to appreciate indigenous lifestyles and communities. Megan is currently located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.